Why can’t you accept dogs that have not been neutered or spayed?
We cannot accept dogs that have not been neutered or spayed because of the potential increased behaviour problems that may occur. We also cannot accept dogs for Home Boarding or Day-care that show any sign of aggressive or unacceptable behaviour.

What time can I drop off/collect my dog?
For Day-care & Home Boarding you can drop your dog off from 7.30am and can collect anytime up to 6pm or by prior agreement.

Home Boarding only – Remember if you collect your dog(s) before 10.00am there will be no charge for that day, anytime after 10.00am and up till 6pm a Day-care charge will be applicable.

What happens if my dog is ill while I’m on holiday?
We will endeavour to contact your own vet in the first instance, in the event that we can’t we are registered with Swanspool Veterinary Centre in Wellingborough who will provide 24 hour advice and care ensuring that your dog is looked after at all times. All veterinary fees are your responsibility.

Is my dog kept on a lead when out for a walk?
When out walking our insurance insists that we must have written consent from you before we are allowed to let your dog(s) off the lead. All of our walks are in the countryside so there is definitely no town traffic or children’s parks to contend with.

What will I need to supply for my dog?
All proof of vaccinations. This is a legal requirement of the license conditions otherwise your dog(s) cannot be boarded or considered for Day-care.
Food, enough for the duration of their stay
Bedding (Optional)
Treats (Optional)

We Supply all Leads – Food Bowls – Towels – Poo Bags

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?
Yes – We will need to see evidence that your dog has been vaccinated. See Terms and Conditions

When do I have to pay the fees?
For Home Boarding we ask for a 50% deposit when you make your booking and the remaining fee is payable on the day you collect your dog(s). We accept cash and cheques.

If I cancel my booking will I lose my deposit?
We request a 50% deposit on all bookings which is NON-REFUNDABLE if a booking is cancelled 14 days or less prior to boarding. See Terms And Conditions.

Are you Licensed with the local council?
Yes – We are Licensed with East Northants Council and have been awarded a 5 Star rating.

Will you take my dog to the vet if I have a prearranged appointment?
Yes but there will be a small additional charge to cover fuel. Any potential vet fees will have to be left with us or confirmation that you have an account with your vets.